Poalgi Gandia 35 Ref. 162 single bowl built-in kitchen synthetic sink

Minimalist small synthetic sink with stright lines and functional lines, featuring rounded corners and round valves and overflow.

The single synthetic sink model GANDIA 35 by Poalgi, can be placed on and under worktop indistinctly, mesures 34 x 40 cm and is designed for a cupboard of at least 45 cm

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Is a synthetic sink of small size but very versatile beacuse it is easily combined as a complement to a main GANDIA sink or by placing two GANDIA 35 sinks together, in addition to being able to be placed on both countertop and under countertop.

Optionally, a hidden valve made of matt stainless steel can be ordered, an option to brings elegance to the whole.

As an example, in the image we see the sink model GANDIA 35 Ref. 162 as a complement to the sink GANDIA 50 Ref. 164 both in personalized Ral colour and bult-in .

Combinación dos fregaderos Gandía de Poalgi con color personalizado

The synthetic Sink Gandia 35 Ref. 162 by Poalgi measure 340 mm wide and 405 mm deep with a depth of 200 mm and is designed for a cupboard of 45 cm minimum, being able to be placed in furniture of greater mesure.

The GANDIA 35 sink by Poalgi has the following undermount measures:

Medidas de encastre fregadero Poalgi Gandia 162

What does the single-sink Poalgi model GANDIA 35 offer you?

All sinks in the GANDIA collection are single-sinks, designed to combine with each other and provide the most appropriate solution to your kitchen. These skins can be installated on and under countertop following the latest decoration trends. There is also the option of acquire a hidden valve wich makes GANDIA a very versatile an customizable range of sinks.

The GANDIA collection by Poalgi brings clean and functional designs with pure lines that give a sense of order and continuity to the work space. 

Sinks with a rounded corners design in combination with valves and round overflows.

These sinks come without drilling for taps that must be placed on the countertop.

Fregaderos Poalgi Serie Gandía

What does a synthetic sink model GANDIA 35 include?

When you receive your Polagi kitchen sink, what you will find inside the box is:

  • One kitchen sink made in Roc-Stone in the chosen colour.
  • Square valves.
  • Siphon.
  • A bottle of sealing material.
  • Anchorage bar under the worktop.
  • Sink assembly and maintenance sheet.
  • Warranty

Quality and Guarantee Poalgi

Roc_Stone(R) kitchen sinks

The sinks in the ZIE collection are manufactured with Roc-Stone, a registered composite as a result of Poalgi's R+D+I effort with a project certified by AENOR. Roc_Stone is a composite based on resins with a high percentage of mineral charges that provide high strength and durability to sinks allowing designs without technical limitations and with a great finish on the surface.

Bactiblock, antibacterial additive

All the Poalgi kitchen sinks include antibacterial materials (Bactiblock) that are very effective against odours and stains. Bactiblock is produced according to NBM's patented technology which is based on a clay functionalized with silver that behaves as a natural source highly effective as an antimicrobial agent. This additive inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeasts and is a very effective tool against odours and stains.

Quality Control Certificates

Poaligi is a Spanish manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in the sector. They manufacture their products with high quality materials and additives manufactured according to the latest technologies and strict quality controls during the different manufacturing phases. They use an almost handmade manufacturing process that makes their sinks unique and totally customizable.

All its products are guaranteed by Buerau Veritas according to the ISO 9001 quality system and follow the European quality standards UNE-EN 13310:2003 for kitchen sinks: functional requirements and test methods.

The quality technical study AT-0819/13 developed by AIMPLAS (Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico) determined a high mechanical and stain resistance of all Poalgi sinks.

Technical Data:

  • Impact resistance: 12 kgf/m2
  • Resistance to compression: 1.595 kgf/m2
  • Flexural strength: 5.110 MPA
  • Thermal resistance: 130º C
  • Barcol hardness (935): 35

Resistance to staining:

  • With hydrochloric acid: No changes.
  • With detergents: Without changes.
  • With antiscale: No changes.
  • With ammonia: Moderate change.

5 Years Warranty

Poalgi warrants all of its products manufactured at Roc_Stone for a period of five years from the date of purchase, against any manufacturing defect provided the product is destined for domestic use as indicated by the manufacturer.

Colour List

All the kitchen sinks in the ZIE collection are available in a new Soft finish to add sophistication to your kitchen. You can choose your sink from 8 standard colours in both gloss and matt finishes (Soft).

You can also customise the colour of your sink by choosing the exact tonality you want for your kitchen.

Do you want a custom colour?

If you're looking for a specific tonality, we offer the option of customising the colour of your sink to make it unique. Our sinks can be customised without any problem, in any plain colour from the RAL or NCS universal letter colour range. (See how to choose the custom colour here)

Examples of a kitchen sink model GANDIA 35 Ref. 162 with Custom Color, a whole range of colors at your fingertips.

Fregaderos Personalizables Polagi Gandía


*The possibility of customising your kitchen sink from the colour of any surface such as compact synthetic worktops, wooden worktops or silestone worktops should be consulted.

*The shades of the pieces are a particularity of products made with natural pigments and fillers, so small variations should be considered valid.

*Non-contractual photos, be sure to verify the chosen color (RAL or NCS) in a physical color chart, as tonalities may vary depending on the computer screen with which they are displayed.

*Customised products (as our kitchen sinks) cannot be returned, so it is very important that you are clear about the colour you really want.

How to buy your sink model GANDIA 35?

Once you have a clear idea of the dimensions of your furniture and the space available on your workbench and have opted for Poalgi's GANDIA 35 synthetic sink model, you should consider all the possibilities we offer for your kitchen sink to be perfect for you.

1st: Configure the kitchen sink model.

First you must configure your selected sink from the options available at the time of placing your order:

  1. Desired standard colour.
  2. If you choose the Custom Color-Color Plus option, you must also indicate the desired color reference in the "CUSTOMIZE PRODUCT" tab (explained here).
  3. If Soft or Gloss finish is desired

2nd: Choose from our kitchen sink accessories

In order to obtain a unique sink for you, according to your liking and the environment of your kitchen, we have a series of exclusive accessories for Poalgi's GANDIA line of sinks:

  • Hidden Valve
  • Dish Sink Basket
  • Poalgi Universal Soap Disperser
  • Cutting board

The GANDIA series sinks include the valves and the siphon. But, to facilitate the installation and maintenance of your sink, Sink Colors also offers the possibility of purchasing these accessories to replace some of its components.

For the GANDIA 35 model we have:

  • Simple valve with overflow, ref. POA330MT
  • Single siphon with additional connection to dishwasher, ref. 211
Data sheet
Number of Bowls1 Bowl
Width of cabinet inset worktop45 cm
Width of cabinet under worktop45 cm

Installation instructions

Manual for installing Poalgi sinks and keeping them in perfect condition

Download (963.6k)

Standard Color Chart

Standard colour chart for Poalgi kitchen sinks. All other colours must be set as custom colour

Download (158.63k)

Ficha técnica Gandía 35

Fichas técnica del fregadero Poalgi Gandía 35

Download (265.79k)
Product customization

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